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Sangre de Drago
An Herbal Support for the Immune, Circulatory & Lymphatic Systems

  • Rich source of proanthocyanidins*

  • High antioxidant activity*

  • Promotes collagen production & skin health*

     When the bark of the Sangre de Drago tree is cut, a dark red sappy resin oozes out as if the tree was bleeding, hence its name, “dragon’s blood.”

     For centuries the sap of Sangre de Drago has been painted on wounds by Indigenous people to help stop bleeding, accelerate skin regeneration and healthy tissue growth. When taken internally it maintains a healthy lining of the digestive system. A study recently confirmed the beneficial properties of Sangre de Drago and identified the alkaloid taspine as the active component. Taspine increases the migration of human fibroblasts responsible for skin and tissue regeneration.

     Sangre de Drago contains one of the strongest natural antioxidant to support cardiac function. It also contains compounds that have been shown to promote respiratory and intestinal health.

     Recently Sangre de Drago was shown to be composed of up to 90% proanthocyanidins. Also found in Grape seeds, proanthocyanidins are the most potent known dietary antioxidants.

     Our Sangre de Drago liquid contains 80% pure sap combined with a full-spectrum 20% spagyric extract of the bark.

Ingredients: Sangre de Drago, 20% spagyric extract of the bark.

   Tip:  Keep a one ounce bottle handy for putting on fresh, clean wounds and bites.  Use it to brush teeth (even pet's teeth!) to reduce plaque build-up.

What Others are Saying About
Sangre de Drago:

      "Amazon Herbs are by far the most powerful and balanced herbal formulas I have ever found. Because they are liquid and absorb quickly, I often feel results within minutes. I've gotten most of my friends to use them admit they feel better because of herbs."  
      - Christopher Allison, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

     "My dog cut her paw and it bled profusely. I applied a few drops of  Sangre de Drago to the wound, and the bleeding stopped immediately."
      - Su Sigrist, Jupiter, FL 

     "When I went to the dentist at the beginning of October, I was told that I would have to have gum surgery to get the plaque under control. This is a hereditary problem and for years I have battled it. I started brushing twice a day with the Sangre de Drago and my gums are no longer red and sore, but pink and healthy after 2 weeks. I go back to the dentist in 2 weeks and I hope they see what I see. This supplement saved me pain and money in the long run."
     - Jennifer Smith
       Alpha, NJ

    "My grandson has a tendency to have nose bleeds and one occurred while he was at my house last week. After we put in the "boogie band-aid" (rolled tissue) and had him lie down, I put some Sangre on a rolled up tissue and swabbed the inside of his nose. The bleeding stopped immediately! His mom said that it often took 15 minutes for the bleeding to stop.

    "Sangre de Drago...don't leave home without it!"
    - Victoria Fatula


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red sap of the Sangre de Drgao tree rich in antioxidants

    "It is frightful to wake at 4 AM with severe mid-section pain and discomfort. I felt concerned that it could be gall stones and am not interested in surgery these days with all the super infections found lurking in hospitals!

    "So when this happened I stumbled downstairs and tried acid reducer pills and almond milk with no good effect after thirty minutes. Then I remembered how alkaline the blue green algae is so I opened three capsules into hot water and chased that with two Sangre de Drago liquizons for the anti-inflammatory effect and bingo---relief!!!

    "What a blessing we have at our fingertips - jungle medicine to the rescue!"
    - Mary Votel
      Melbourne, Florida

    "My son just had another bad case of poison ivy. In the past we've used benadryl and steroid medication. Last night I opened up a Sangre de Drago Liquizon and rubbed it into his skin. I also gave him Una de Gato, Recovazon, Arcozon and more Sangre de Drago Liquizon capsules. This morning the poison ivy was almost gone! So amazing."
    - Christine Kennedy